2015 Zenobia Week a huge success, Larnaka Tourism Board


This year’s Zenobia Week has been branded a huge success by Larnaka Tourism Board, with an estimated €14 million being contributed into the economy annually by the shipwreck.


Held from June 23 to 30, 2015, Zenobia Week held multiple activities such as free glass bottom boat rides, an underwater video and outdoor photography competition, a painting exhibition along Larnaka’s Finikoudes, a dive wreck course, a mass diving event, stand-up paddle boarding from Mackenzie Beach to the Zenobia site, free trials on an underwater sea scooter, a conference on managing artificial reefs and much more.


“All guests from abroad have confirmed, once again, that Zenobia is undoubtedly the best shipwreck diving site in Europe, and certainly among the most interesting and important in the world. It is commonly accepted that this wreck is a unique artificial reef and has contributed very positively to enriching biodiversity,” read an official Larnaka Tourism Board statement.


“It is obvious that the Zenobia shipwreck is an extremely powerful underwater tourist attraction which offers environmental and economic benefits to the economy,” outlined Dinos Lefkaritis, chairman at Larnaka Tourism Board. “Unfortunately, this has not been understood by some government departments. Specifically, we consider it unthinkable to continue illegal fishing here at the most important reef in Cyprus that would normally be protected.”


Zenobia Week was jointly organised by Larnaka Tourism Board, Larnaka Municipality, Cyprus Dive Centres Association and the Zenobia owner.


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