Airline Review: Air Serbia


Travelling on a late night flight has its challenges – number one being tiredness. Me and my partner’s Air Serbia flight from Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport was scheduled for departure at 23:55 so we were hoping there would be no delays and our journey would be a smooth one. We were not disappointed.


Throughout our trip – from check-in to the in-flight service – Air Serbia staff were very friendly and performed their duties swiftly and professionally.


Proceeding to the check-in counter after a short wait in line our luggage was quickly weighed and tagged and tickets were in hand after just a few minutes.


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport - Air Serbia - ©Cyprus Traveller


Naturally, as we were travelling in the early hours our first stop – after a smooth hand luggage security check – was at one of Nikola Tesla Airport’s cafés for a hot cappuccino to awaken our senses a bit. A short energy boost later we wondered around the duty free shops picking up some souvenirs along the way before receiving the call that our gate was open for departure.


Boarding the plane was quick and easy. Our economy class seats were comfortable and provided enough space for me to stretch my legs and look forward to the short flight to Larnaka International Airport.


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport - Air Serbia - ©Cyprus Traveller [1]


Seatbelt fastened, seat upright, tray table stowed, window shade up and safety demonstration viewed, it was then time for take off!


I myself wasn’t hungry enough to sample the in-flight meal but my partner was definitely satisfied with her choice of beef stew with mash potato, steamed carrots and courgettes. The other option being Mexican chicken with steamed rice and garden peas.


While my partner was enjoying her meal I decided to take a read through Air Serbia’s Elevate magazine and found the content to be engaging and well written – the journalist critique in me keeping an eye out for these things!


Air Serbia - ©Cyprus Traveller [2]


Our landing was as smooth as a landing could be and the joy and excitement – or sadness for some! – of being home after a thoroughly enjoyable holiday concluded what was a pleasant journey.


Our flight from Belgrade to Larnaka lasted two hours and it was one of the smoothest and most pleasant flights I have been on. Yes there was the standard turbulence here and there but it was nothing to make us feel uncomfortable at all.


All in all it was a lovely experience travelling with Air Serbia and I will definitely be pleased to use the airline again for my future travels.