Airline Review: El Al Airlines


I recently travelled to Tel Aviv, Israel with my fiancé and we flew with El Al Airlines from Larnaka International Airport.


For both flights the check-in process was very smooth, however there were some questions prior to checking in which made us realise how cautious they were about who they were letting onboard their flight and into Israel.


Once on the plane it was great to feel how comfortable the seats were while watching a brief El Al Airlines video on the screens. I could immediately feel that it would be a pleasant flying experience.


We departed as scheduled and due to the short 45 minute flight there wasn’t a meal, however, throughout El Al Airlines staff were friendly, efficient and performed their duties in a professional manner.


I would definitely recommend El Al Airlines. It was my first short-haul flight and overall it was a very positive experience.


By Natalie Agavni Mengishian


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