Anassa and Almyra hosting exhibitions exploring the environment, photography and togetherness


Thanos Hotels’ Anassa and Almyra are embracing their artistic side this weekend with exhibitions exploring the environment, photography and togetherness.


Working alongside Pafos2017 – European Capital of Culture, Anassa is hosting a talk with the organisers and artists involved with the ‘Eco Art’ project on April 22.


With a cultural and ecological vision for Cyprus and Europe, the Eco Art project highlights the relationship between art and nature, opens a dialogue on crucial issues and creates a legacy for contemporary art on the island.


The Project is scheduled to officially open on April 23 at Mylopetres, Arodes Village with a dance performance and a curated walking tour of the sculptural installations on the Eco Art trail.


Under the subtitle: ‘Paths on Common Ground – Works in Situ,’ exhibition curator Thouli Misirloglou, invited visual artists and performers to create their works across the Akamas’ natural areas and communities.


The Eco Art workshop will take place until April 22 and the exhibition from April 23 until the end of August.





Preparations for the exhibition began a year ago, when visual artists Costis Velonis, Stavros Panayiotakis, Hermann Pitz, Mimmo Rubino, Rinos Stefani, Marinos Tsaggarakis, Horst Weierstall, and performers Marios Hadjiprokopiou, Antonis Antoniou and Anna Tzakou visited the area to study its rich ecology and culture.


Artists created site-specific works that encourage reflection on the human presence in the natural environment.


The ‘Paths on Common Ground – Works in Situ’ exhibition is to continue throughout the summer with a self-guided tour map.


“Anassa offers bespoke exhibition tours, including transit, the annotated map, the exhibition catalogue, an expert tour guide, and refreshments,” read a post on the hotel’s social media profiles.




At Almyra, an exhibition titled ‘Saltiness’ is due to begin on April 22.


The month-long exhibition is being organised alongside the Sophia Foundation for Children for a charity event “with a difference”.


Almyra added on their Facebook profile: “We are really looking forward to the launch of our exhibition ‘Saltiness’ on Saturday at 8pm. Celebrating photography [and] togetherness, as well as Pafos being the European Capital of Culture, we are excited to welcome you to this fantastic, month-long exhibition.”