Anassa reveals new healthy breakfast concept


Anassa has revealed its new breakfast concept entitled “Healthy Breakfast at Anassa”.


David Goodridge, executive chef at Anassa stated that the new menu being introduced at Anassa has a new energy section, which focuses on fruits that have been locally grown and sourced, amongst an offering of traditional Cypriot ingredients.


Fruits such as bananas, plums, apples, grapes, oranges and melons are displayed to entice guests into taking a bite. A selection of homemade jams have also been made from locally grown fruits at Anassa.


Thanos Hotels’ luxury five-star address expressed its pride at their in-house bakery which produces an array of breads, croissants, Pain au Chocolat, muffins and other pastries that are baked daily.


Focusing on being more healthy, the new breakfast concept at Anassa produces dairy and fat free foods. An array of vegetables and oils as well as grains, nuts and oats are all rich in taste and nutrition, ready for guests to enjoy.