“At the End of the Day” – Stelios Kallinikou


Thkio Ppalies – an artist-led project space – is to be inaugurated with Stelios Kallinikou’s “At the end of the day” exhibition.


A locus of ideology and culture, the family institution bears a sub rosa theatricity that, extracted from context, exposes a historically constructed model of socio-biological desires and expectations. Such a critical distancing may reduce notions of family into cynicism; a structure is identified, a disenchantment is felt.


Neither succumbing to the stage nor falling into disbelief, however, and maintaining the tension between a heartfelt theatricity and a raw cynicism, may on the other hand entail a newfound sincerity, felt affectionately yet approached impersonally. A similarly discursive tension concerns the photographic medium, which fails to ever fully represent or to fully abstract, only almost convincing and only almost deceiving.


By presenting his family and childhood environment as a photographic process per se, Stelios Kallinikou negotiates the limits of the photographic apparatus via his own personal limits in confronting his loved ones from critical distance, with hope of achieving a newfound relationship of sincerity.


Space, time and affect are abstracted via a non-linear experience of memory, an area of inquiry explored curatorially by the proposed installation of the exhibition. The relationships between the pieces – in terms of proximity, scale and content – are never too literal, yet never arbitrary either, inviting a free-play of the imagination that triggers an interactivity of self-identification and storytelling; a self-conscious anthropology. The result is a playful caricaturisation of the modernised traditional Cypriot family which is unreluctant to celebrate its sanctity yet also unreluctant to demythify its societal gravitas.


Dates: April 17 to May 9, 2015


Time: 18:30


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