Australia and Cyprus governments strike deal for direct flights

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The Australian Government has settled new air services arrangements with Cyprus providing exciting opportunities for strengthening the country’s trade and tourism ties with the island.


Australia’s Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester, said the new arrangement was a Government plan to expand Australia’s aviation footprint across Europe – with similar deals also agreed with Italy and Greece.


“The new arrangements between Australia and Cyprus mean that, for the first time, the airlines of both countries can start operating services between Australia and Cyprus, either using their own aircraft or via codeshare with other airlines,” said Chester.


“The agreement further strengthens bilateral relationships between our two countries, and will enable increased tourism and trade opportunities.”




The agreement was made public on the same day (July 11, 2017) a Qantas A380 flight bound for London’s Heathrow airport was diverted to Larnaka International Airport after a medical emergency on the flight.



According to reports, a pregnant passenger became unwell during the QF1 flight with the pilot making the decision to land the plane in Cyprus.


The A380 had travelled from Sydney to Dubai on Monday night and after a short stopover, was carrying on from Dubai to London when the drama unfolded, reported The West Australian.



Qantas confirmed a passenger was offloaded from the flight in Larnaca due to “medical reasons”.



It is the second time a Qantas A380 flight made an emergency landing at Larnaka Airport, when a December 2016 flight from Sydney to London touched down on the island after a passenger fell ill.