British Airways continuing to “remain faithful” to Cyprus

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Freddie Stier, Commercial Manager – Cyprus at British Airways tells Cyprus Traveller why the island continues to be among its most loyal and popular destinations for British and Cypriot travellers.


CT: Firstly, from where do British Airways fly to Cyprus from?


Freddie: We fly from London Heathrow and Gatwick to Larnaka and Pafos; twice daily from Heathrow and three-weekly from Gatwick to Larnaka on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; and five-weekly from Gatwick to Pafos except on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.


CT: Can you elaborate on British Airways’ history on the island since launching the first flights?


Freddie: Cyprus is probably one of the first destinations British Airways’ predecessors flew to, so it must have been in the early 1930s. Back then, the company was called Imperial Airlines and used Flying boats from London, touching down in ports in large European towns until it reached Cyprus. The voyage probably took a couple of days!


We have since remained faithful to this beautiful island throughout the last 90 years or so and supported it even in dire times.


CT: Why should travellers flying to Cyprus choose British Airways for their trip?


Freddie: Apart from the fact that we are most probably the first airline to serve the island!? There are many, many more reasons. British Airways is at the forefront of innovations and invests millions of pounds in new products and services.


However, I want to focus on one: our customer service, which is one of the best, if not the best. For us a passenger is a valued customer whether he/she flies once in two years or weekly and we have teams of people and online services to support every single one.


What I hear a lot from customers is how fast, efficiently and professionally we react when something goes wrong.


A Gold card holder once told me: “All airlines will get it wrong at one point. For me the important bit is what the company will do to retain me as a customer when something will go wrong and you people at BA have definitely got this right.


“Anyone can fly me from point A to B, usually on time, with or without food and sometimes with or without my bag arriving, but not everyone has the speed, ease of use of customer relations processes, personal contact and human approach like you do.”


CT: Why do you believe Cyprus is a great all-year-round destination for British travellers to visit?


Freddie: Cyprus has a great history, local culture and activities all-year-round. It is a beautiful island and has the quaintest villages I have ever come across. Not to mention the food which is simply amazing. The weather is very mild, there aren’t ever really any cold winters.


I do believe Cyprus could and should attract tourism all-year-round and not just focus on the sun/sea/beach type holiday, there is so much more to do, see, taste and experience.


CT: Are there any upcoming developments that travellers and the Cyprus tourism industry can expect from British Airways?


Freddie: We are upgrading our short-haul fleet and pretty soon all aircraft coming to Cyprus will be brand new and have onboard WiFi.


WiFi will soon be available on British Airways flights to/from Cyprus


CT: What’s your final message to the Cyprus Traveller audience?


Freddie: I would like to thank the Cypriot people. They are among our greatest supporters and they keep us going strong.


I look forward to the next 90 years!

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