Hotel Review: Anassa


Let me start off by saying, if you’re going to book one beach vacation this year, the Anassa should be it.


After leaving the Almyra, we took a 45 minute drive through the winding roads of Cyprus and ended up in heaven on the Akamas Peninsula. My first impression when we walked into the stunning marble entry and reception was that it looked a lot like the St. Regis in Laguna Beach, but it took only seconds for me to realise that this place was extra special.


Our three days at the Anassa were spent swimming with Mini-AG in the mornings, and then having afternoon tanning time alone while she was in the Scott Dunn kids club. Probably one of my favourite parts of this resort is that while children are welcome at the Anassa, you would never know they were there, except for maybe at breakfast time. This is quite possibly the perfect spot for families and couples alike.


The Property


I don’t think I can actually begin to describe the beauty of Anassa. The whitewashed villas, terracotta tiled roofs, and blue shutters are perched overlooking the Mediterranean. There are two swimming pools, one shallow and heated which is perfect for the Minis, and then the gorgeous infinity pool which dips into the grassy hills just before the sea, and is complete with a waterfall, and swim-up bar.


If you’re into watersports, the Anassa has a beach centre where you can schedule scuba diving, water-skiing, parasailing, or just rent a boat to cruise the coast.


The hotel has the sweetest little Byzantine church set on a beautiful courtyard, perfect if you’re planning a wedding or christening. Once a week there is a Cypriot-style buffet for hotel guests, traditional live music and folk dancing which takes place on the courtyard.


The Suites 


The Anassa was designed by an American architect so all of the rooms are super spacious. This is not your typical European hotel where there is zero room to unpack your suitcase. There are a variety of rooms and suites to choose from. Some of the suites have private whirlpools or plunge pools, and there are a variety of interconnecting rooms for families. I had a little peek around the different rooms, and I have to say they are all beautiful.


Thalassa Spa 


There’s everything you could ever want, including a steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, and Roman-style indoor pool. There are also comfortable private beds for you to rest pre or post-treatment. I had a wonderful massage – yes I fell asleep again – and spent practically an entire afternoon relaxing in the gorgeous surroundings. The spa also stocks my favourite skincare brand, QMS MediCosmetics, so for you gals in need of a little oxygen or moisture for your skin, you’ve come to the right place.


For The Minis


Like the Almyra, the Anassa also the amazing Scott Dunn team on hand! We signed up Mini-AG for full-days in the Adventurer’s Club, but were also able to come and pull her out when we wanted to have some family time or just have her join us for lunch. The Anassa also has a selection of babysitters that can be booked, so that if you want to have dinner alone you can do that also. Once again, it’s the perfect combination of family time and time with your other-half! Think of it like a second-honeymoon, with your kids!


The Food 


The Anassa has a selection of gorgeous restaurants. One of the evenings, we got a sitter and made reservations at Helios, Anassa’s fine-dining restaurant offering French-Riviera cuisine. We were sat on a gorgeous candlelit terrace overlooking the ocean and the food was delicious! It was a lovely date night. Unfortunately, it was a little too dark for my foodie photos to turn out properly. So instead, let me offer you a glimpse of my daily afternoon snack and cocktail, which we enjoyed at the swim-up bar!


The Anassa also has Basiliko restaurant, which is situated in a romantic stone cavern which showcases Asian flavours in a modern presentation. For the kiddies there is a buffet breakfast and dinner at the Amphora, with a massive selection to choose from.


My only complaint about our trip is that we didn’t stay long enough. Although there is a lot of the world I would like to visit, I hope I will be able to make my way back to the Anassa in the not too distant future!


Christy Osborne, Founder, An American Girl In Chelsea


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