Cyprus tourism booming with record-breaking 3.2 million tourist arrivals


Arrivals to Cyprus increased by 13.6 per cent during the Winter period (November 2016 – March 2017), compared to the corresponding period last year, according to CyStat – the Republic’s Statistical Service.


This is the third consecutive Winter period where an increase was recorded; during the 2014-15 period there was a 9.5 per cent increase, during the 2015-16 period a 33.4 per cent increase, and this season’s 13.6 per cent increase registering 498,000 arrivals.



According to the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the 2016-17 Winter season was the island’s second best ever for arrivals, confirming “that the great, universal effort to improve seasonality is on track,” according to a CTO press release.




During 2017’s first quarter there was an overall 13.5 per cent increase, with almost all arrivals coming from Cyprus’ main tourist markets; UK – 3.6 per cent increase, Russia – 88.4 per cent increase, Israel – 65.9 per cent increase, and Greece 16.9 per cent increase.


Arrivals from Germany and the Nordic countries decreased, “but it is estimated that arrivals will improve later this year,” added the CTO statement.




March 2017 represented the most successful March ever (for arrivals) for Cypriot tourism.



Another positive statistic is that the last 12-month period (April 2016 – March 2017) represented the largest arrivals numbers Cyprus has ever seen, with over 3.2 million travellers.


From the 3.2m arrivals, 36.1 per cent arrived from the UK, 25 per cent from Russia, 6.5 per cent from the Nordic countries, 5.1 per cent from Greece, 4.9 per cent from Israel, and 3.7 per cent from Germany.