Cyprus “meets all requirements” for Russian medical tourists – CTO


A delegation representing the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) recently attended the 2017 Moscow MedShow to promote the island as a potential destination for Russian medical and wellness tourists.


Having taken place between September 29 to 30, the Cypriot delegation also travelled to St. Petersburg for the 3rd Russia-Cyprus Tourism Forum with media interviews and professional meetings taking place to explore potential future partnerships.


At the 2017 Moscow MedShow, the CTO’s message was that it considers it vitally important for all relevant stakeholders to cooperate effectively for the industry’s successful development on the island.


Specifically, to further promote medical and wellness tourism, the CTO is planning to attend more specialised exhibition, organise specific industry-relevant events, host familiarisation trips for foreign journalists and produce its own print and digital content to be distributed accordingly.


Summarising its presence at the 2017 Moscow MedShow, the CTO announced that it reaffirmed its belief that “[the island] meets all the requirements needed to become a top medical and wellness destination for the Russian market.”


Additional reasons behind the Organisation’s conclusion are “this year’s satisfactory aviation connections between the two countries, high-level medical and wellness facilities on the island, our mild climate, healthy Mediterranean diet, and Cyprus’ unique hospitality.”