Edelweiss Air giving Swiss travellers an ideal holiday to Cyprus


Andreas Meier, head – corporate communications at Edelweiss Air tells Cyprus Traveller why Swiss travellers love visiting the island for their holidays.


CT: From where do Edelweiss Air fly to Cyprus from and how frequent are the flights?


Andreas: Cyprus is served by Edelweiss Air during the high season with eight flights per week. All our Flights depart from Zürich Airport to Larnaka International Airport.


CT: How successful and popular are Edelweiss Air’s flights to Cyprus with your passengers?


Andreas: Cyprus is a core market for the Swiss holiday travellers. Therefore, this market has been served by Edelweiss Air for years. As we see Cyprus as a year-round holiday destination for Swiss travellers, Edelweiss Air has operated, since last winter, this destination year-round (however, with a reduced flight programme, twice per week). With the exit of Cyprus Airways in January 2015 there was a short-term shortage of capacity for summer 2015 to be feared. For this reason, Edelweiss Air decided to strengthen its flight programme for summer 2015.


CT: When are you finding is the busiest period for your flights to Cyprus?


Andreas: Our busiest period is between July, August and October. The main driver for this is the summer and autumn holidays for Swiss travellers. Over 80 per cent of Edelweiss Air customers flying to Cyprus is to enjoy their leisure holidays. The remaining passengers are divided into business travellers and VFR (visit friends and relatives). 13 per cent of passengers are Cypriots, the rest coming from Switzerland or nearby countries.


Edelweiss Air flights to Cyprus are operated with Airbus A320 aircraft

CT: Why you believe Cyprus is a great destination for Swiss travellers to visit?


Andreas: Cyprus is considered to be a year-round destination with a mild climate, great infrastructure, and sports activities (golf, cycling, watersports, for example). The main reasons for Swiss travellers visiting Cyprus is; 95 per cent (sun and sea), 30 per cent (culture and agrotourism), 20 per cent (sports activities like hiking, climbing, watersports and golf), and 16 per cent (shopping).


CT: Do you believe SWISS (Edelweiss Air’s owning airline) will consider launching their own direct flights to Cyprus?


Andreas: Based on the SWISS/Edelweiss network demarcation and due to it’s leisure characteristics, Cyprus is considered as an Edelweiss Air destination, rather than a SWISS destination.


CT: Are there any upcoming developments that the Cyprus travel industry can expect from Edelweiss Air?


Andreas: Cyprus is one of the main markets of Edelweiss Air so we want to invest long-term in the future in this destination and expand our flight schedule, in accordance with demand.