Fasoula Village hosts Cyprus Agrotourism Company meeting


Fasoula Village, Limassol, recently hosted the Cyprus Agrotourism Company general meeting which included the participation of a large number of owners and managers of licensed agrotourism accommodation across the island.


Currently with 79 registered members, the Cyprus Agrotourism Company represents 81 traditional apartments, houses and small hotels in the countryside and aims to promote cooperation between the public and private sectors alongside the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.


“Our common vision is to give the Cypriot countryside to its rightful place and become the best ambassadors for foreign visitors,” stated Annita Demetriades, deputy director general at Cyprus Tourism Organisation.


Both the Cyprus Agrotourism Company and Cyprus Tourism Organisation announced plans to improve the quality and upgrading of the tourist experience combined with authenticity via contact with locals and sensitivity towards the environment. During the meeting, Demetriades mentioned a special emphasis on promotional activities, specifically to the creation of a new website which was presented to members and to create a new revised criteria for agrotourism accommodation.


Recognising the importance of the Internet, the the Cyprus Agrotourism Company has also implemented an email marketing campaign aimed towards targeted market segments such as walkers, nature lovers and cyclists. Other company activities related to participation in international tourism fairs and inviting the foreign travel trade on familiarisation trips.


Demetriades concluded that the ultimate goal is to promote positive cooperation between the relevant public and private agencies to promote the island’s countryside as a dynamic part of its true identity.