Four Seasons Limassol reopens its doors after renovation


Four Seasons Limassol has reopened its doors after its latest renovation. It’s the second time in the hotel’s 23-year history that it has been fully recreated.


“In many ways, the Four Seasons has matured,” said Executive Chairman at Four Seasons Limassol, Christos Mouskis. “Luxury has developed into sophistication; aesthetics has blossomed into finesse.


“In terms of furnishings and décor, slimmer lines and delicate designs have a liberating and relaxing effect. Especially in the guestrooms, many of the upgrades cannot be captured in images, but must be experienced to be appreciated,” he continued.


“Across the hotel you will witness the beauty, functionality and playfulness of light, as a perfect complement to our sunny climate. Like no other element, light has an immediate effect on how we feel, our mood and state of mind,” continued Mouskis.


“Such change cannot be achieved by merely implementing commissioned proposals from external consultants. It is the result of personal, targeted and in-depth research to establish the broad direction and finalise the details.”


Mouskis went on to further state that, for inspiration, hotel management examined the latest trends and innovations in elite living, before sourcing suppliers around the world who specialise in high-end interior décor. “We discovered new materials, new technology, and talented artists – and in each case explored their potential to upgrade our hotel,” he explained.


“Every decision and every choice we made was driven by our desire to create an environment with a unique and impressive identity: attractive and intelligent, with a signature of subtle exclusivity,” added Mouskis.


“What we have accomplished involved extraordinary efforts and extensive resources. The completion of renovations of this scope in just over four months is an achievement in itself; an achievement that reflects the values and culture of the Four Seasons as a family business,” the Executive Chairman stated.


“Whatever we do is infused with a passion that goes beyond corporate planning and strategy. We take personal pleasure in seeking and finding not only major ways to improve our hotel, but also discreet details that make a difference. Because welcoming you in our hotel is like welcoming friends at home.”


Mouskis concluded his statement by saying that the new Four Seasons Limassol is “determined” to maintain its “leading position” in the region by anticipating guests’ needs and wishes.