Fresh Target Theatre to perform Alexander Ostrovsky’s works at Sputnik

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Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble announced that it will be performing the great Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky’s famous play ‘In a Close Family Circle’.


Directed by Paris Erotokritou, Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble is scheduled to perform the play between May 25 to 27 at Nicosia’s Sputnik Theatre.


‘In a Close Family Circle’ aims to show a sharp and enduring satire for a society where blackmail and hypocrisy is the currency for everyone to be bought, sold or transferred.


During the play, a financial crime – without punishment – takes place within a wealthy family’s narrow circle, who at the same time are facing a financial crisis.





Additionally, Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble presents, for the first time on the island, Ostrovsky’s ‘It’s a Family Affair – We’ll Settle It Ourselves’ until May 27.


Having caused a furore, it was banned by the Imperial Theatres’ censorship committee and was staged for the first time on December 9, 1860, 10 years after its initial publication.


For a while the play had been referred to as ‘The Bankrupt’, which was its original title.


Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble will be presenting Ostrovsky’s with the Cypriot dialect.

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