‘Hallou-mania’ hits London following halloumi-themed pop-up


Over the past two weeks, hallou-mania struck London as people flooded to the Cyprus Tourism Organisation’s (CTO) halloumi-themed pop-up, ‘Say Hallou-mi to Cyprus’ at 100 Hoxton.


The pop-up, which featured Cyprus’ national cheese in every dish on the menu – including a halloumi ice cream dessert – was a sell-out, despite being extended in response to unprecedented demand.


The pop-up was launched to showcase the cheese and entice people to visit the island – and people flooded to get a taste of the exclusive dishes before it closed for good on November 26.


Here, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) shares some key statistics around its halloumi-filled event:

· Two weeks
· First week sold out in less than five days
· 1,500+ bookings
· 4,750 dishes served
· 188kg of halloumi consumed
· 1,150 halloumi fingers eaten
· 1,900 bowls of halloumi ice cream devoured
· & so many GRATE (sorry!) cheese puns…




CTO UK Director, Orestis Rossides, commented: “We’re delighted to see such a positive response to the launch of our ‘Say Hallou-mi to Cyprus’ restaurant.


“Londoners clearly share our love of the Cypriot national cheese and we hope they might also be tempted to visit our beautiful island to learn what else Cyprus has to offer – from our legendary hospitality, rich cuisine and award-winning local wines to our glorious coastline and stunning mountain villages.


“Tourism is an important sector for Cyprus and we’re proud to announce that 2017 will be another record-breaking year,” continued Rossides.


“Our longer-term goal is to reach six million global tourist arrivals by 2030 and we are committed to supporting this strong growth with the necessary infrastructure.”




Andrew Zilouf, Director at 100 Hoxton, added: “Halloumi has shown itself to be an extremely popular product.


“For us behind the bar and the kitchen we were pleased to do it justice as it works so well with a host of flavours and styles of dishes.


“The biggest challenge was the to make a dessert. Chef Francis did wonders to make the ice cream not only a success but one of the stars of the show. Truly halloumi’d be thy name!”