Hotel Review: Casale Panayiotis


On a typical beautiful Cypriot sunny day I was really looking forward to my long and scenic drive from downtown Nicosia to Kalopanayiotis Village, where Casale Panayiotis was waiting for me to enjoy a one-night stay.


With its traditional architecture, cobbled streets and footpaths, chapels and churches and inspiring greenery and flowers, Kalopanayiotis has been brought back to life by the modern and luxurious Casale Panayiotis (whose owner actually hails from the village).


Sticking well and true to its roots though, the hotel still manages to combine today’s high hospitality standards and services.




My check-in was quick and smooth and after a quick tour I headed up to where my room was located via the new state-of-the-art Kalopanayiotis Lift which was recently inaugurated by the island’s president, Nicos Anastasiades.


Upon entering my room I immediately felt the chic, rustic, yet traditional charm with its luxury interiors combining local flavours. A great touch was the complimentary pasteli (sesame seed candy) and dried fruits which were made by a local family and were so delicious.




Awakening my appetite I decided that it was then time for some lunch so I took the short, yet incredibly scenic route to Pantheon Snack Bar where I jumped at the chance to sample the ‘Pantheon Classic’ savoury crêpe (chicken, cheese, mushroom and tomato) and a classic Chicken Caesar Salad.


A nice walk through the village followed by a relaxing break back in my room later, dinner time was upon me, and this time I decided to take the walking route down to Pantheon Restaurant as opposed to the lift. If the village is beautiful by day then by night it is equally so as it seems to light up and blend effortlessly into the mountain side.


With an option for either a buffet or set menu I opted for the former which was full of traditional Cypriot dishes all made from local ingredients. A very satisfied (and full) belly shortly followed which called for an early nightcap in my extremely comfortable bed which capped off a truly satisfying one-night stay at Casale Panayiotis.