Increasing arrivals from UK but Russia still down, CyStat


CyStat – the Republic’s Statistical Service – has announced that tourist arrivals reached 360,899 in September 2015 compared to 316,602 in September 2014, recording a 14 per cent increase.


An increase of 32 per cent was recorded in tourist arrivals from the UK (from 109,951 to 145,166), 99.9 per cent increase from Israel (from 7,383 to 14,756), 34.7 per cent increase from Germany (from 9,534 to 12,840) and 27.9 per cent increase from Greece (from 9,382 to 12,001).


Meanwhile, a 17 per cent decrease was recorded in arrivals from Russia (75,391 in September 2015 compared to 90,866 in September 2014), and a 5.9 per cent decrease from Sweden (15,951 compared to 16,947 last year).


From January to September 2015, tourist arrivals totalled over 2.2 million compared to over two million in the corresponding period, recording a 7.4  per cent increase.


CyStat also revealed that revenue from tourism reached €342.1 million in July 2015 compared to €321.2 million in the corresponding month last year, recording a 6.5 per cent increase. From January to July 2015, revenue from tourism is estimated to reach €1.073,0 million compared to €1.099,9 million in the corresponding period last year, recording a 2.4 per cent decrease.


Also reported by CyStat was that 102,504 Cyprus residents returned from a trip abroad in September 2015 compared to 119,488 in the corresponding month last year, recording a 14.2 per cent decrease. In September 2015 there was a 1.8 per cent decrease on trips from Greece (46,327 in September 2015 compared to 47,169 in September 2014) and a 56.3 per cent decrease from the UK (11,609 compared to 26,589 last year).