Lanitis Carob Mill picks up Sustainable Cultural Tourism award


Limassol Tourism Board has revealed that its application for the Lanitis Carob Mill project into the ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism’ contest was a huge success after picking up the award for second place.


Titled ‘Limassol (Cyprus): Turning a Carob Mill and Warehouse into the Old Town Hotspot’, Limassol Tourism Board was working alongside the management team of Carob Mill Restaurants. The first prize was awarded to Poland and the third to Latvia.


The ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism’ contest is organised by the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN), for all tourism destinations across the continent. The theme for the 2015 award calls for ‘Industrial Heritage Tourism’ and winners are recognised as ‘examples of excellence’ aiming to inspire and stimulate other European tourism destinations.


Lanitis Carob Mill was previously used in the 1800’s as a mere warehouse, and by the 1920’s was converted into a carob mill. By the year 1937, the carobs were exported for animal feed in the UK, Germany, Russia, France and Egypt and also used as a chocolate substitute in the sweet industry. The seeds, thus, enjoyed a particular great demand. The substance was later used in the photographic film manufacture industries and in the pharmaceutical industries respectively.


Carob Mill Restaurants was therefore the next step to the evolution of the site. The project includes restaurants, ballrooms, the carob museum and a cultural centre which hosts international exhibitions, big corporate social events as well as conferences.