Larnaka’s developing initiatives designed to be more “attractive”


Larnaka Municipality is developing initiatives that new Mayor, Andreas Vyras, confirmed will be going ahead, including environmental improvements and several EU-funded projects.


Among the most exciting developments is the new 5.5-million-euro Municipal Market, which will be built on the current old market site (currently a municipal car park).


The EU-funded project is designed incorporate a two-storey building with bazaars of traditional produce and products, and a section for young, emerging artisans, along with cafes, restaurants and an exhibition space.


Vyras labelled the new Municipal Market plans as “Larnaka’s greatest construction project.”


Other anticipated projects include renovations and upgrades to the Municipal Sports Centre; the uncovering of further ruins at Ancient Kition, which will join the existing ruins to become one complete Archaeological Park; hop-on-hop-off buses that will accommodate disabled persons; squares and paving-in areas within the town centre and old town; increased cycle lanes and car parking, and a complete overhaul at the Municipal Gardens, which is expected to begin later this year.


Additionally, over 50 large semi-underground recycling bins along the tourist coastal area are scheduled to be installed by October 2017. The bins are being introduced for the better management, collection and processing of waste, in-line with Larnaka Municipality’s environmental plans.


“There are many significant projects on the horizon, which are designed to raise Larnaka’s profile and offer locals and visitors improved facilities, as well as a more greener, attractive town,” outlined Vyras.




Meanwhile, Larnaka Tourism Board has launched a new project aimed at sprucing up the town and removing ‘visual pollution’ such as building signs, advertising and obstructions on pavements.


The action-plan, in cooperation with Larnaka Municipality and Cyprus Tourism Organisation, is beginning within the Saint Lazarus Church area, a landmark for the town.


The establishments that surround the church and its square will remove all their old signage this spring for the vision’s first phase.


The 30 old signs that have been earmarked for the upgrades will be recycled, and any funds from the scrap metal will be put towards the new signs, which will be uniform, attractive, and follow certain safety criteria to ensure that their presence is beneficial.


In addition to new, more attractive signage, the area’s buildings are also set to be painted, with more greenery also added within the general vicinity.


The initiative’s aim is to make Larnaka’s commercial and touristic areas more tidy and attractive.


Following Saint Lazarus, other areas within the town centre and coastal tourist areas will also be added to the project.