Larnaka Tourism Board implement ‘eco-ashtray’ initiative on its beaches

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Larnaka Tourism Board has implemented a new ‘eco-ashtray’ initiative on the region’s beaches aiming to considerably reduce cigarette litter left behind by beachgoer smokers.


Cooperating with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Larnaka Municipality and other relevant local authorities, Larnaka Tourism Board hope the new initiative will improve the sand quality and beach aesthetics.


In total, 10 eco-ashtray points have been installed at different beaches along the Larnaka coastline.


“This solution contributes to the fight against pollution caused by cigarette butt waste, which is proven to deteriorate sand quality,” read a Larnaka Tourism Board press release.


“Our new initiative will help to maintain the balance between all beachgoers (smokers and non-smokers), child safety and protect the marine ecosystem.


“Additionally, this initiative contributes to enhancing environmental awareness, improving cleanliness and hygiene as well as strengthening Larnaka’s beach quality and competitiveness as a tourist product.”


Users can freely pick an eco-ashtray cup to use during their stay at the beach




Each eco-ashtray point is a wooden stand which shows users the basic instructions for using the product.


100 biodegradable eco-ashtray cups are at each stand along with a custom stainless-steel bin for the waste.


Users can freely pick an eco-ashtray cup to use during their stay at the beach, and when leaving empty the cigarette waste into the special stainless-steel bin before placing the cup back on the stand for another user.


The cigarette waste will be collected at regular intervals and weighed when the busy summer tourist season ends. The results are then presented at the annual Blue Flag meeting where a judge will assess the beach’s Blue Flag status.


100 biodegradable eco-ashtray cups are at each stand




Certified Blue Flag beaches along Larnaka’s coastline which currently have the new eco-ashtray points are; Phinikoudes, Makenzy, Kastela, Oroklini, Faros, Careta (Kiti) and Pyla’s CTO beach.


Larnaka Tourism Board added that within the next few days, additional eco-ashtray points will be placed at the tourist beaches between Golden Bay Beach Hotel and Sentido Sandy Beach Hotel, between Palm Beach Hotel & Bungalows and The Princess Beach Hotel and opposite Ciao Stelio Deluxe Hotel and Costantiana Beach ApartHotel.


Cyprus’ bathing waters were ranked as the second best within the EU, according to the European Environment Agency’s 2016 assessment which was published on May 23, 2017.


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