Leventis Gallery lecture series continues with Delphine Munro


The Wednesday Lecture Series at Leventis Gallery will continue this week (October 7) with guest speaker Delphine Munro, head – arts and culture at the European Investment Bank Institute, Luxembourg. Munro’s lecture is entitled: “Pros and Cons of Going Public – A Corporate Collector’s Perspective”.


As corporate and private art collections proliferate and gain stature, comparisons are increasingly made with museums. Mapping on their similarities and differences, artworks of corporate art collections are mostly showcased in spaces that are inaccessible to the public. Whereas their conflict of interest between their missions and visions is different, they should be both looking at how to engage with the public arena.


Corporations are increasingly aware of their contribution and responsibility to, as well as reliance upon society, and so increasingly opt for opening their collections to a wider public. Corporate responsibility goes hand in hand with a more open attitude.


Drawing on her extensive experience with corporate collections as well as exposure to the museum perspective, Munro’s presentation at Leventis Gallery will focus on the challenges and opportunities corporate collections are currently facing.