LOT Polish Airlines pleased with “attractive” Cyprus


Adrian Kubicki, spokesperson at LOT Polish Airlines tells Cyprus Traveller why Polish travellers are regularly choosing to visit the island, especially for their summer holidays.


CT: From where is LOT Polish Airlines flying to Cyprus from and what is the flight frequency?


Adrian: LOT Polish Airlines operates a direct route from Warsaw to Larnaka four times a week during both summer and winter seasons. Planes to Larnaka take off at 22:30 and land at 02:55 (local times). The flights from Lanraka to Warsaw take off at 03:40 and reach Warsaw at 06:15.


CT: How successful has LOT Polish Airlines’ flights to Cyprus been thus far?


Adrian: The connection with Cyprus was launched in 2004, the same year when Cyprus and Poland both joined the European Union. Since then it has become an important destination for LOT Polish Airlines not only due to the growth in touristic traffic but also from its business potential.


Polish restaurants and supermarkets import significant amounts of Greek specialties as well as fresh herbs. Our aircraft also carry leather goods, which manufacturers from Cyprus export further into the USA and Switzerland. On the other hand, Polish products like cosmetics are willingly purchased by customers from Cyprus for their high quality. LOT’s cargo carries seasonal fruits and vegetables from Poland such as berries and mushrooms to hotels and local grocery stores.


CT: Why you believe Cyprus is a great destination for Polish travellers to visit?


Adrian: Cyprus is a very attractive touristic destination for Polish travellers, especially during summer. The busiest period starts in May and ends in September and it has a lot to do with the holiday season. Cyprus is also relatively close to Poland – the flight is only two hours long, so it also makes for a good weekend destination. Also, the weather in Cyprus remains nice for a much longer period than it does in Poland. Sun exposure is the most attractive factor for tourists from Poland, who miss the sun the most. Nice beaches, as well as easy access to the mountains, its Mediterranean climate and great food are more reasons why Polish travellers love visiting the island.


CT: Are there any upcoming developments that the Cyprus travel industry can expect from LOT Polish Airlines?


Adrian: LOT Polish Airlines is satisfied with the performance of its Cyprus operations. From early 2016 we are planning to add new, long-haul destinations to our network as well as increase number of frequencies on existing ones. This development can be interesting for Polish and Cypriot travellers flying across our network.