Minthis Hills allowing residents to produce their own wine

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Minthis Hills has announced plans to offer its residents the opportunity to produce their own wine, with vineyard allotments available for rent on the resort.


Residents will be able to receive initial vine training and learn how to tend to their plantations, announced Minthis Hills.


Alternatively, a specialist can monitor and look after each residents’ plantation, allowing them to relax and reap the benefits.


“Cyprus is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world and Minthis Hills is situated amongst a celebrated wine route, therefore it was only natural that the resort produce its own wine,” the golf resort posted on Facebook.



“The first harvest was in September 2016 with local family wine producer and specialist, Tsangarides, famed for their Xinisteri, helping produce and bottle the harvested grapes,” continued the post.


“The wine will be blended in the spring and when ready will be available to taste and buy in the clubhouse.”

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