Pafos2017 Autumn programme looks to the future


The Pafos2017 Autumn Programme continues to develop and establish a series of activities emphasising one of the three thematic lines of the Open Air Factory: STAGES OF THE FUTURE. This theme refers to the present and the future.


Presenting not only the contemporary world with its technological breakthroughs, but also with its significant problems, with its dreams and hopes, and with its initiatives and ideas.


Within the philosophy of this theme lies a fundamental principle of the institution that Pafos2017 represents – to establish sustainable annual cultural events, develop expertise and build audience capacity, well beyond 2017.


For the mission to develop sustainable cultural projects that will remain in Pafos after the European Capital year, Pafos2017 introduced in September another ‘Legacy Project’- the Monodrama Showcase – an internationally acclaimed theatrical platform, that the Pafos2017 Organisation will establish as an annual feature of the city.


Within the scope of this programme, Pafos2017 collaborates with communities and other cultural bodies, for the organisation of the upcoming events, with the aim of not only producing the events, but also to encourage audience participation.


The Pafos2017 Autumn 2015 programme now continues its journey into October with photographic exhibitions, tours following paths of the island’s past heritage, musical performances, theatre and community involvement projects, introducing several other original, interesting and sustainable projects, which are also destined to become legacy projects after 2017.


The Pafos2017 Autumn programme further continues to highlight alternative venues in Pafos, such the square and boardwalk at St. Paul’s Pillar, The Efseveia Club, the Ethnarch Makarios III 1st Lyceum, the region’s traditional coffee shops, as well as continuing to utilise established venues such as the Pafos2017 Headquarters and the Old Powerhouse.