Pafos2017 invite artists to create wooden Tabula sculpture


Artists Anthony Heywood and Uwe Derksen, makers of Tabula – Fortis in Pace, have been invited to create a Tabula sculpture as part of the Official Programme of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017 celebrations, where the Table of Unification will be placed in the local ‘Open Khan’ as a permanent sculpture.


The Table of Unification is a physical object made from recycled and used timbers that had a useful life before, for example as a joist of a building that has subsequently become defunct. The physical object is the result of a long process of negotiation, community involvement at different levels, the collating of timers and the making and placing of the object. It acts as a sculptural object with multifunctional properties.


Its premise is one of making and labour, of democratic dialogue, of communities at the table. It has the potential of sustained movement or effect. It references Brancusi’s Table of Silence. In the case of Pafos2017 it directly responses to the theme of ‘Linking continents, bridging cultures’.


Key to the project is to engage local (Pafos/Cyprus based) as well as international audiences and ‘collaborators’, creating tangible dialogue around the table in Pafos itself but also create a continued dialogue virtually and concretely elsewhere in the world before and after the completion of the making and placing of object and thus achieving impact.


A key aspect for the project is for timbers and messages to come from the different communities and individuals from across Cyprus, the neighbouring countries, Europe and even further afield. In this way the project will mark the unity of people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, building bonds that will endure and evolve overtime.