Pafos2017 presents the ‘Terra Mediterranea: In Action’ project to Nicosia and Pafos


Pafos2017 – European Capital of Culture has presented to Nicosia and Pafos the ‘Terra Mediterranea: In Action’ project that includes a major contemporary art exhibition, an international conference among other events.


Terra Mediterranea: In Action aims at detecting, investigating and presenting the reflections of contemporary artists on today’s universal landscape of economic, political, religious and social views.


The tragedies currently taking place within the Mediterranean Basin bring again to the fore its importance, which may be characterised as a ‘liquid continent’ that is an extremely political and politicised space.




One could also argue that the Mediterranean is for Europe the “irrational underbelly that brings disorder, border breaching, colonial phantoms, and an uncanny claim to a common, mythically glorious, ancient past,” according to a Pafos2017 statement.


Terra Mediterranea: In Action intends to illustrate how artists from the Mediterranean region and the international art scene negotiate issues involving history, memory and politics.


The exhibition includes a variety of presentational formats such as visual works, performances, theoretical discussions, film screenings, talks, literature and poetry readings, public interventions and educational programmes.


Terra Mediterranea: In Action is visible at Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre until July 29 and again between September 5 to November 25.


Visitors can also go to Pafos Medieval Castle until November 25 to view the project.




Additionally, at Fabrica’s Cave, famous Japanese performance and installation artist Chiharu Shiota has installed another spectacular installation, titled: ‘A Walk through the Line’.


The installation is made completely from red thread and took more than 12 days to be completed. 12 people worked non-stop to complete the installation following a specific technique.


“The red string symbolises the connection between human beings throughout a timeline or individual history,” described Shiota.


“Each person has their own timeline, their own vision of past, present and future and theses lines intertwine creating an intimate reality within space and time.”


‘A Walk through the Line’ is visible at Fabrica’s Cave, Pafos until November 25.