Postcard from Lefkara by Pauline Shahabian


Sunday, February 1, 2015, a few close friends and I decided to take the day and explore the beautiful island we live on. Upon asking around as to where we should spend our day, many suggested taking the short trip from Nicosia to Lefkara.


As we entered the village, we were greeted with beautiful scenery and a cozy feeling of small-town hospitality. We then decided to park the car and continue the rest of our journey on foot. We were soon approached by a local who advised that we pay a visit to the Kato Drys Bee & Embroidery Museum.


It just so happened that his wife was our designated tour guide. The lady took us through the home-based museum and explained the timeline and history of beekeeping and embroidery export of Cyprus in an informative and fun matter. In doing so, she even touched upon the island’s history and the way in which locals lived a few centuries ago.


Lefkara - Cyprus


One hour, €2 per person shorter, and a few jars of homemade honey later, we continued our walk through the village. We eventually sat at a local restaurant – it seemed to be the only one open – for lunch. Although the food was far less than extraordinary, it was compensated by the overall atmosphere of the place.


In essence, it was a pleasant day and we may contemplate revisiting again further down the line. If anyone is planning on visiting Lefkara, only a few hours need to be allocated roundtrip!