Postcard from Troodos by Mario Hajiloizis


Having been a permanent resident in Cyprus for six years now, I have come to realise how many great one- or two-day breaks you can take on the island.


What’s great is that with year-round warm weather there’s hardly ever a time when some spontaneous exploration cannot be achieved.


Most people know about Cyprus during the hot summer months with its lovely beaches, bustling nightlife, shopping hotspots… the list goes on, but did you know that during winter you can ski here? The picturesque Troodos Mountains is the place to go so me and my wife decided during a weekend to go and see it with our own eyes and have some fun in the snow at the same time!


Driving from Nicosia towards Troodos is an enjoyable experience in its own right. Seeing the beautiful Almond Trees starting to bloom for Spring and feeling that fresh mountain air on the way make the drive feel like a breeze. With the Troodos peaks appearing as we got closer we could see the snow-capped mountains from a distance and the excitement really started to rise at that point!


As the winding roads gradually took us higher and higher up at each turn we were faced with a lovely view of the mountain villages from afar. We then started to see the first glimpses of snow along the roadside starting to get thicker and thicker. I must say it was a surreal feeling for me seeing snow here as it was something I had never personally witnessed before.


We eventually found a great spot to park the car and were soon surrounded by skiers young and old on their skis and snow sleds all having a great time. With tutoring for beginners, intermediate or advanced skiers available at the skiing school there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


We then made our way to Sun Valley Café which was buzzing with activity for a short refreshment break and then decided to stop by the nearby Troodos Hotel for a nice meal. I enjoyed a delicious grilled whole Troodos Trout served with caper butter sauce, mixed vegetables and rice, while my partner opted for Zucchini Patties served with tzatziki, garlic bread and salad.


Soon after the time came for us to start heading back home, not before having a look around the stalls in the square located right outside the hotel. Visitors can choose from many different local souvenirs and foods to take home. We took some tasty honey and pomegranate cashews which were a treat!


This day trip left me with so much excitement within myself knowing that there is so much more to discover on the island. I can’t wait for my next journey!