Postcard from Cyprus by Nicola Clews


So we arrived in Cyprus and loved it from the very beginning. We stayed with a Cypriot friend in a town called Pervolia, near to the airport. On our first day we went to a beach near the town and spent the day catching up. It was lovely and quiet as it was away from the main tourist area. In the evening we went to a steak restaurant called Hobos. It was amazing. There were five of us altogether and we all had a great time eating and chatting.


The day we went to Ayia Napa on The Black Pearl pirate boat was also great fun. We had a BBQ on a boat and saw some cool views of the coastline. Then when we got home we all laughed at each other for ages as we didn’t realise how much we got sunburnt! I had a bright red face but luckily I managed to cover it up! Next time we will not be fooled by the breeze and will remember how hot it actually is.


We also visited Mazotos Camel Park and had fun feeding the camels. They all go crazy for the food, as it was only about €1-2 per bag and we ended up feeding them a lot! They were all pushing and shoving each other to get to the food so we were trying to feed them at arm’s length to avoid any camel disagreements!


One thing we noticed about Cyprus is how friendly the people are and they all like to feed you! We ate lots of Cypriot food like keftedes, hummus and my new favourite food, Souvlaki. I will definitely be learning how to make this.


Nicola-Clews (2)


We enjoyed shopping in Larnaka a lot too, and at The Mall of Cyprus and also had an enjoyable road trip to Pafos. I liked Pafos but I preferred Larnaka as it seemed to have more going on. Finikoudes is one of my favourite areas as it is by the beach and has lots of outside bars and restaurants.


We also visited the famous Lefkara in the mountains where they make beautiful lace, we saw a salt lake, visited an old church, and also visited an aquarium. It really was an enjoyable holiday!


On our last night we went for Mezze in a restaurant in Pervolia. This was a brilliant way to try lots of new foods and we all had a great time. There was so much food that the waiter had to bring out a spare table to put it all on!


We had a brilliant trip to Cyprus and will definitely come back again. We are very grateful to our friends for looking after us so well and taking the time to show us around and take us to places we wouldn’t have otherwise thought to go, like Lefkara, Mezze in Pervolia or driving across to Pafos.