President to inaugurate new Casale Panayiotis developments


Cyprus President, Nicos Anastasiades is due to inaugurate new multi-million euro developments at Casale Panayiotis and across the boutique property’s mountain village, Kalopanayiotis, this Sunday (June 21, 2015).


The project, entitled “Rejuvenating Kalopanayiotis’ Traditional Core”, has seen a landmark new state-of-the-art lift installed which was built to provide a smooth transition for locals and tourists to access the village’s main road up to its historic core without affecting the narrow streets and traditional houses. Approximately €10.5 million has gone into completing all public works.


President Anastasiades will use the lift stroll through the village’s old neighborhood where he we will tour the Kalopanayiotis redevelopment project. After reviewing the redevelopment project the President will then inaugurate Casale Panayiotis’ new €5 million Myrianthousa Spa.


Kalopanayiotis has witnessed strong growth in recent years with numerous private projects, including Casale Panayiotis, such as boutique hotels, holiday cottages, cafés, bars and restaurants, health and wellness areas, riverside parks, and more worth €20 million, the majority of which have been financed with EU funding.