Seeing Cyprus through a lens


Armen Demirdjian, a young and talented freelance photographer, explains how Cyprus provides the perfect backdrops and settings to enjoy living life through a lens.


My passion for photography began not long ago. It was during the summer of 2009 when my brother visited Los Angeles for the first time and he wanted to bring me a gift for my birthday. So I told him to bring me a semi-professional DSLR camera by providing him the brand and the model of the camera I wanted. Why I chose a camera instead of something else? I have always avoided being taken in photos by my friends and relatives so I told to myself “why not photograph my surroundings instead you being in the photos?”


I do believe that was my motivation and inspiration to start photography. My earliest memory as a photographer was when I started to experiment in the city I live, which is Nicosia, from my rooftop. I have an amazing view of the city especially during sunset hours.


A lot of my work is focused on Cyprus. I really do enjoy taking pictures of the island because, by itself, its a beauty of its own. After all Cyprus is where I was born and grew up with my Armenian origins. The island is known for its remarkable and rich history, and another reason why I enjoy taking pictures here is because of the incredible mountains. Quite often I head up to the mountains ,precisely to Amiantos, to take pictures of the stars and our galaxy that we inhabit in Milky Way. Astrophotography is one my favourite and main topics in my career and I hope that I will one day be recognised as an astrophotographer.


Cyprus also has remarkable sunrise and sunsets and most of my work consist of capturing these moments. I do believe that capturing sunrise and sunsets was my inspiration to make the big step in photography and advance more.


I do believe that there is a lot of power and influence that an image can hold. Having in mind that we need to be aware of the values we hold, the beliefs we harbour and the decisions we make, are indeed based on our assumptions, our experiences, our education and what we know for a fact. There is a saying; “a picture is worth a thousand words”, which refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single photograph. Therefore, it is my duty to convey through the camera’s lens what to be photographed and what to be represented in the final image.


I do think that photos can and will influence a viewer’s opinion of a destination like Cyprus. The economy was based and depended on tourism pre and post 1974. It is vital for the Cypriot government to give emphasis to its tourist organisation to promote tourism even though Cyprus is struggling to ‘survive’ its economical meltdown. By promoting Cyprus through images with the right resources and the destinations we have, I do believe that we can attract more tourists.


Armen Demirdjian is a freelance photographer and his work can be viewed via his official website Armen Demirdjian Photography. Since November 2014, Armen has been selected by the Ministry of Education in Cyprus to teach Photography on a basic level at the Adult Education Centres night courses for the academic year 2014-2015.