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Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Thkio Ppalies displays Panagiotis Mina photographs

Thkio Ppalies is hosting an exhibition by Panagiotis Mina, presenting photographs of his visual exploration of the Festival using his signature free-play improvisation method that is neither...

Nikolas Ventourakis presents works at Thkio Ppalies

Artist Nikolas Ventourakis is set to present his current and past projects on June 13, 2015 at Thkio Ppalies on the occasion of his participation...

“The Adventures of a Giant Midget” at Thkio Ppalies

Elegance; a first instance of curiosity. Sapience; always at play with incompletion, ongoing. Navigate and intervene, problem-solve. Exercise science in its most primitive rational...

“At the End of the Day” – Stelios Kallinikou

Thkio Ppalies - an artist-led project space - is to be inaugurated with Stelios Kallinikou's "At the end of the day" exhibition.   A locus of ideology and...
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