Thkio Ppalies displays Panagiotis Mina photographs


Thkio Ppalies is hosting an exhibition by Panagiotis Mina, presenting photographs of his visual exploration of the Festival using his signature free-play improvisation method that is neither documentary nor fiction.


Instead, an unlikely anthropological study is proposed that is more poetic intervention than scientific observation.


Mina was born in the 80s. He communicated his artistic interest from a very young age and later went on to study Communications, Culture and Media in the UK.


His artistic exploits include rapping in makeshift music videos, photographic installations on wooden construction panels and walls, collages and manipulated found objects. Over the last 10 years he has exhibited in Cyprus and abroad.


Thkio Ppalies – a Nicosia project space – is hosting Mina’s exhibition along with a book launch with text by Christopher Rey Pérez until October 30, 2015.