Tus Airways all but set to begin flights from Cyprus


Transport Minister,  Marios Demetriades has announced that a new Cyprus-based airline will begin operations within the next few months after it received its air operator’s certificate (AOC).


Demetriades stated that the new carrier, Tus Airways, is currently waiting for final clearance and that it will begin operations with short-haul flights to neighbouring countries such as Greece, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt.


Tus Airways is set to become the first local airliner to be established on the island since former national carrier Cyprus Airways collapsed earlier this year.


“As the government, we are working hard with all agencies, like the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, to bring as many planes as we can to Cyprus so we obviously approve such a move. The new airline also gives more options to people in Cyprus wanting to fly out,” commented Demetriades.


“We hope we don’t end with only this airline. It is always best to have airline companies based in Cyprus because that means that they are here to stay.”


On October 5, 2015, Tus Airways performed a demonstration flight from Larnaka to Rhodes. This flight was the last of a series of inspections by the island’s Civil Aviation Department to approve Tus Airways’ AOC.


Tus Airways fleet currently includes a Saab 340B (34 seats) and a Saab 2000 (50 seats) aircraft, according to reports.