Tus Airways expanding its fleet with new Fokker 100 jet

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Cypriot carrier Tus Airways is set to welcome a new addition to its growing fleet after posting an image on social media showing the aircraft soon to be flown to Cyprus.


Writing on social media, Tus Airways, said: “First exclusive photo of our new Fokker 100 jet in Fokker’s factory in Netherlands. The aircraft will arrive soon at Larnaca airport!”



According to Fokker’s official website, the Fokker 100 is a popular aircraft due to its, “favourable operating expenses and substantial revenue potential [which] combine to make the economics of the Fokker 100 very compelling.”


The new jet – which can carry up to 109 passengers – will join Tus Airways’ fleet which currently holds two SAAB 2000 aircraft, each providing 50 passenger seats.


Tus Airways’ new aircraft follows on from two other Cypriot airlines – Cobalt and Orion Airways – who both also welcomed new aircraft to their fleet earlier this month, with the former welcoming its sixth plane and the latter its first.


For its 2017 summer schedule, Tus Airways is scheduled to provide flights between Larnaka and the following destinations; Tel Aviv and Haifa (Israel), Rhodes, Samos, Kefalonia, Kos and Skiathos (Greece).


Flights from/to Pafos, Tel Aviv and Haifa are also included within the summer 2017 flight schedule, as are flights from Haifa to Athens, Rhodes and Kos.

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