Tus Airways expand their fleet with third Saab 2000 aircraft


Tus Airways announced today (June 9, 2017) that their third Saab 2000 aircraft arrived at Larnaka International Airport.


The airline’s new aircraft expands its fleet to three – the two already operational Saab 2000 aircraft each providing 50 passenger seats.


According to a Tus Airways post on social media: “The new aircraft will soon begin its flight programme to meet the growing needs of passengers.”



According to Saab’s official website, the Saab 2000 is a “reliable, cost effective and safe aircraft… with a long track-record of excellent performance and reliability.”


Additionally, Saab describe the 2000 as combining “reliable performance with low operating costs,” adding that, “as the fastest commercial turboprop on the market, with a maximum speed of 665 km/h, it delivers jet speed at turboprop economy levels.”




Tus Airways are also expecting a Fokker 100 jet to join their fleet, announcing on May 24 that its new aircraft is in Fokker’s Netherlands-based factory, and that it will be arriving at Larnaka Airport soon.


The Fokker 100 jet can carry up to 109 passengers.





For its 2017 summer schedule, Tus Airways is scheduled to provide flights between Larnaka and the following destinations; Tel Aviv and Haifa (Israel), Rhodes, Samos, Kefalonia, Kos and Skiathos (Greece).


Flights from/to Pafos, Tel Aviv and Haifa are also included within the summer 2017 flight schedule, as are flights from Haifa to Athens, Rhodes and Kos.