Windcraft Music Centre to celebrate International Jazz Day


Windcraft Music Centre is celebrating International Jazz Day (April 30) with a unique jazz performance. Two well-known jazz musicians, Charis Ioannou (saxophone) and Ioannis Vafeas (drums), are set to return to Windcraft Music Centre on May 1 to present their duet project.


Τhe Charis Ioannou – Ioannis Vafeas Duet is the result of the nine-year long collaboration of the two musicians. Through their common musical growth and influenced by their personal experiences throughout the years, they have developed as a duet a unique sound and character.


In this project they will share their own interpretation of pieces from the repertory of jazz.


The concertis scheduled to begin at 21:00 with the entrance fee costing €5.


Ioannis Vafeas - Windcraft Music Centre